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Apex Racing League – PS3 GT5 F1 2010 Championship

Apex Racing League’s Ferrari 2010 Championship
Season 1

GT5 Ferrari F1 2010 – PS3 Season 1

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Season 1 of the GT5 Ferrari F1 2010 championships series will get under way on the 10th January 2012. Races will take place every second Tuesday over a variety of tracks which will include some of the famous tracks on the F1 circuit. Promotion and relegation will take place every 3 races to try and balance the leagues to provide very competitive racing. Entrants will have to obtain the Ferrari F1 2010 to enter the series. The car itself provides a fantastic handling experience and with the off track grip levels set to realistic one wheel off the track you’ll be swapping ends quicker than you can say “Fernando is faster than You”! This championship will test the driver skills to the limit with no driving assists available. Throw into the mix the chance to win yourself a £300 racing seat, GT5 swagger and 12 months premium membership, this is one series you don’t want to miss. If you like fun, clean and challenging racing online then ARL is the only place to be.

Season 1 will be starting on the 10th January 2012 so Please register your interest by posting below

One of the moderator team will then contact you and be your initial point of contact whilst you settle into the ARL life and get up and running.

Getting Started
Once you’ve signed up you’ll be placed in a league based on your current league in the main ARL F1 leagues. If you are a new ARL Member you will be placed in the bottom tier, but with promotion and relegation taking place every 3 races you can begin to work your way up through the ARL ranks to become Champion.

We’d also like to know your PSN and Nationality.
Also it is very important to indicate if you own the Ferrari F1 2010 ( help will be given to obtain the car to those who do not have the Ferrari F1 2010 but overall demand will determine the success of this assistance)
example signup details:

Car Purchased: Yes/No

The Basics
The official championships races will be a minimum of 200km using Racing Soft Tyres. Qualifying and race should take about 1 hour but please allow for 90 minutes to cater for delays. Each league will race 2 rounds per month. Other championships are available to help fill the gaps between races. They can be found in the GT5 Forum
Clean racing is key here. Accidents do happen, but causing deliberate actions will invoke a penalty, which could lead to removal from the league. It should be clearly stated that Traction Control will not be allowed in any of the leagues so if you cannot drive without it then please do not enter. In addition participants will also have to purchase the DLC containing the Spa race track if they wish to race at that event. However the purchase of the DLC tracks is not compulsory in order to enter the series and entrants may race at all the other tracks in the series. Car setups will be allowed at some tracks and banned for others in order to test the skills of the drivers.
For more information on the league rules, visit the Rules and Regulation Thread

Assists & Race Regulation

 Active Steering: Banned
 Active Braking: Banned
 ASM: Banned
 ABS: Banned
 TC: Banned
 Driving Line: Banned

 Tuning: Allowed for some races.
 Damage: Weak
 Slip Stream: Weak
 Tyre Wear: On
 Tyres: Racing Soft
 Fuel Load Simulation: On
 Penalties: Weak
 Car Setups: Allowed for some races.


For every race you compete in, you will receive 1 token, to win one of our prizes. The more races you do the more chance you have to win.
These prizes are exclusive to GT5 competitors and open to all members.

1st Prize

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