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Published on May 24th, 2012 | by Alisdair


Apex Racing League Announces iRacing Team Plans

Our partner site Apex Racing League, provider of Fast, Fair, Clean online racing leagues since 2009 announced recently some exciting plans surround an iRacing drivers world championship team.

Over the next 8 months Apex Racing League will be putting together a team of drivers, mechanics, spotters & Team principles to run in the Pro and DWC series on iRacing.

The Team

Team Principle– This individual is responsible for the smooth running of the team, making sure all drivers are entered into official session on time, rules are adhered too, setups are distributed around to the Drivers Engineers and works with the Commercial Manager to promote and gain sponsors.

Commercial Manger– Will promote the ARL team and brand in partnership with the Team Principle. They will distribute an event write-up produced by the Media Manager to all the known Sim racing news sites and forums, while building relationships with said sites and sponsors.

Media Manger – Will produce media content for the team, which includes drivers interviews, race write ups, race replays and with the Commercial Manger work on the brand and image of the team. Further responsibilities, will include keeping the teams social media pages up to date and working with everyone to produce car skins.

4x Drivers (requirements = Class A 4.0 iRating 4500+ by Jan 2013) – This the most simple of the posts, practice hard with your team mates / engineer, share what you know, use iSpeed privately and distribute to your team mates and turn up to the required minimum events and get yourself a pro license in the first 3 season of 2013.

4x Drivers Engineers/Spotters – You will need a good knowledge of car physics and how to set up the Williams FW31, with your team driver you will work closely to give the driver the best opportunity to win his races. You will also liaise with the other members of the team and inform them of anything you might that is essential to getting a good result in the races. As well helping with the setups, you will be in direct communication with your driver throughout the race updating him with all the info he needs to know as well as in contact with other driver engineers and the team principal on the Teamspeak whisper system.

We have a 2 year plan to progress the drivers through the Class A Grand Prix Championship, through the Pro series and onto the DWC series, all applicants will need to be able to commit substantial time to the team over that period.

About the Author

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