About Us

Sim News daily was founded to bring the latest news from the sim racing community straight to you the reader along with detailed reviews and looks into coming games and hardware.

Sim News Daily was also founded as more of a hobby for myself to commit my spare time to in providing the news stories, media relations and the testing of new games and sim racing hardware. Our aims for the future are to expand our audience  to become one of the world leading sim racing news website in the community.

A few months back we formed a partnership with Apex Racing League which at first was a simple advertisement swap. In the present day our partnership with Apex Racing League is continualy growing with Sim News Daily being the leading sponsor in new leagues such as the iRacing Road and Oval leagues. we are also providing our service to report news related to games run by ARL on their expanding homepage.

We hope you enjoy the site and be sure to bookmark and tell your sim racing friends about our site. 3 Week Diet Plan


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