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Published on October 13th, 2012 | by Alisdair


A Year Of Project CARS & Build 322 Released

Precisely around a year ago on Friday Slightly Mad Studios launched their new revolutionary World of Mass Development model and along came with it their first game to be funded by the initiative – Project CARS.

During those 12 months, more than 80,000 members have joined the WMD site to help out the project and since day one around five development builds have been released to members each week bringing the total number of builds on the one year mark to 321.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Project CARS community member Jonz renowned for his stunning video work on the title has released a new stunning trailer for you all to enjoy.

[vimeo id=”50981670″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Project the new development build came with a little extra packed into it this week in the form of a first pass version of their new Seta tire model which the team has been working on for some time behind the scenes.

Although it’s still an early version and primarily only working on the Formula A it was released to gain some valuable testing and feedback from the many community members constantly providing excellent feedback on the ever-expanding forum community.

Build 322 (12/10/12, Team Member+)
Fixes to menu list array sizing, and to the lobby assigned menu list size
Quick fixes to prevent array overruns in lists
Disable 3D scene updating and rendering (car preview and background) while lobby is active
Fixed lazy inits on Events screen
Increased progresspoint timeouts to help track issues causing progresspoint disconnects in build 321
Lower MP time progression to 10x (from 30x)
Changed bridge feeding policy (not every sample is stored to new slot to get longer interval in given number of samples)
Physics/bridge timing – gExecTimer used only for bridge, Notify callbacks use incoming execTimerSynchronisedTime value. Bridge interpolation uses time near to last complete physics frame. Bridge holds some new timing data (like last completed physics frame time stamp, last stamp time,…) Engine.cpp – assert removed
Added extra logging to datagram protocol
Online sessions:
* Added more asserts to vehicle validation to catch invalid values coming from outside the online session system
* Increased protocol version
* Changed the message containing user setup to allow more than one user setup per message
* Changed code sending user updates to pack more than one user setup to a single message when possible
* Added sequence numbers to request messages sent to host. The host can drop duplicate messages before sending duplicate responses, which would then be dropped anyway. This decreases traffic in low-ping situations
* Number of laps for online races are set according to the requested setup
* Removed some obsolete MP code
Formula A: revised default setup to work better on STM
Adds num of players to lobby screen
Wisconsin Raceway – add new txt for Ministand and SmallWhiteHut
Audio: adding vibration and rattle samples to Z4GT3 set
Audio: stockcar mupdated with latest load curves, filtering, eq, rattles and vibration layers
Audio: updated stock car level balance
Modified position of T1 cones based on forum feedback
Audio: adding rattles and vibration samples to Stockcar engine set
Added lobby players number applink
Pressure model fix and pdb file
Audio: updated V8-RS engine set checked in with latest eq and filter curves, vibration layers and rattles
Audio: fix for transmission whine pitch issue at high engine speeds
New brake markers on eifelwald gp
Audio: adding vibration layer sound to V8-RS engine set
Audio: adding rattle samples to V8-RS engine set
Bathurst:Resaved to fix corrupt texture
EifelWald: New Textures
Adjusted GUI offset on all cars for best appearance in menu garage scene. Added missing statistics files
Wisconsin Raceway – add new textures for Adverts and TshirtShop
New Eifelwald export

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